Company History

AJ Oils was established by Jaco Niemand in 1995 when he started collecting oil with his old Ford bakkie and a few empty 20-litre buckets.

AJ Oils CC Established in 2007

Jaco Niemand established AJ Olis CC when he saw an opportunity for collecting used oil since restaurants were simply discarding it.


We started as just a small cooking oil company which showed the potential to grow rapidly as we did over the past decade due to our excellent customer service and honest relationship with our customers.

Motivated to get SA Greener since 1995

This motive started the AJ Oils engine in 1995: ‘to keep all the used cooking oil from our rivers and oceans’. At the time most restaurants threw their used cooking oil down the drain, which is now illegal.

Today, we still have that motive: ‘striving for a greener South Africa, daily’. That is why AJ Oils will offer you the best price for your used cooking oil to produce Bio-Diesel.