About Us

Personalized Approach
AJ OILS was established in 2007. We started small, but quickly build our name to where we are today because of good service and our great relationships with our clients.


Our main line of business is selling various kind of edible oil and vinegar. We also buy and collect all used cooking oil. We are proud to say our company is trying in every way possible to keep our beautiful country green, that is why we have our own BIO Diesel Plant. We recycle all the used oil to make BIO Diesel. 


All our new oil is of top quality and SABS approved. We test all our oil to make sure it is good for the human health.

All our used oil are tested, filtered and cleanse to make sure we have the best quality to make BIO Diesel with. All our different oils are kept separated.


We deliver in the whole Western Cape area. No matter how little or how big your oil use is, we deliver and collect.


We are BEE registered. 

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Contact us @ 021 903 2080 or info@ajoils.co.za